We Will Get Through Covid Together

I am very hopeful that as the plans for re-entry all over the nation are being released that the women of this nation that are being impacted by job loss due to COVID will be a part of someone’s job re -entry plan. The nation and world is on the heart of The National Women’s Empowermet Ministry due to this pandemic. Our commitment to the women’s community is to provide relief, support, tools and resources where we can. “We Are Better Together “ and we will get through COVID together. ##women#genderequality#inclusion#womenleaders#womenempowerment

Women's Empowerment

The National Women’s Empowerment Ministry is one of the national   organizations building bridges across multiple platforms known for empowering other women through community events, programs, and workshops, as well as providing tools and resources for the growth and development for the women's community.

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