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Updated: Sep 17

Join The Movement....Even though all women don’t share the same views, we do share many, and when they are enough of the vote, candidates will compete for our support and issues. That is Why Our Vote Is Our Voice. Also, when women vote, we encourage the few women who have stepped into the bravery lane of running for office that there is a tribe that supports them in been elected to office, and remind political parties of women interests and women influence.

VOTE BABY VOTE  is a NEW Merch line. I've  been hard at work making and curating some cool products and I was very excited  to share it with everyone at the Empowered Women Voter Registration and Pop Up Shop this past Labor Day Weekend.  With less than 55 days until Election Day, voter registration deadlines across the country are right around the corner. In some states, ballots are being cast as we speak, so it’s time to make sure you’re registered and ready to vote. TODAY, we’ll be releasing exclusive and limited EMPOWER WOMEN VOTE , VOTE BABY VOTE & The PRESS Athleisure Wear that encourages us not to quit! 

We hope you get your Vote Baby Vote Merch before it sells out! Can’t wait to see everyone dressed for the polls! Shop the new merch in the Empower Store

And Lastly SAVE THE DATE. We are hosting an "Vote Baby Vote" Fireside chat to promote community

-level education of women on public issues and their increased participation in voting.

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