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The Atlanta Women’s Empowerment Ministry is one of the outreach networking  programs building bridges across multiple platforms known for empowering other women through community events, programs, and workshops

Email: atlantaweministry@gmail.com

Phone: 678-408-2257

Registered Charity: 501c3 (Global Leadership Christian Center)

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The Atlanta Women’s Empowerment Ministry is a faith based outreach program of Global Leadership Christian Center and the metro Atlanta area building bridges across multiple platforms known for empowering other women through community events, programs, and workshops. The Atlanta Women's Empowerment Ministry uses it's platform to promote women in ministry,  women owned businesses, women in leadership, women serving the community and to support the underrepresented or under privileged woman . In addition to being an outreach program, we are the #1 Sisterhood for Women In Ministry.


We are most proud of our recent event “The 2018 Red Dress Brunch” where we hosted 200 women and honored 16 women from across the metro Atlanta area who are influential and empowering other women in their respective industries, community, and in the life of the church. This brunch was a space where women were able to celebrate each other.


What sets us apart from other women organizations is that due to our collaborative leadership style and culture the women’s empowerment ministry embraces true Christ-centered relationships that are called to serve, build up other women, and strengthen the women community. We can accomplish more through unity, and that’s our empowerment motto!

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To Empower The Metro Atlanta Community of Women through a Collaboration Culture that provides true connection  and change amongst women, women groups, women organizations, and women ministries.


Our Vision

The Atlanta Women’s Empowerment Ministry exist as a faith based outreach program building bridges across multiple platforms to empower women through community events, programs, and workshops using the

AWEM Empowerment Model:

Women In Ministry Empowerment, Career Empowerment, Entrepreneurship Empowerment ,

Economic Empowerment and

Wellness Empowerment.

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